The 3rd edition of Big Data Spain in Nov 2014 was a resounding success.
Watch the video below and find out why our attendees, speakers, partners and friends turned Big Data Spain into one of the largest events in Europe about Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL and cloud technologies.

Stratio Crossdata: a SQL-like language for streaming queries

This is achieved thanks to its generic architecture and the definition of a custom SQL-like language. Our language augments the classical SQL data manipulation language in order to add support for streaming queries. From the point of view of the user, a common logical view of the existing catalogs and datastores is presented independently of which cluster or technology stores a particular table.

Supporting multiple architectures imposes two main challenges: how to normalize the access to the datastores, and how to cope with datastore limitations. In order to be able to access multiple datastore technologies Crossdata defines a common unifying interface containing a basic set of operations that a datastore may support. New connectors can be easily added to Crossdata to increase its connectivity

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