The 3rd edition of Big Data Spain in Nov 2014 was a resounding success.
Watch the video below and find out why our attendees, speakers, partners and friends turned Big Data Spain into one of the largest events in Europe about Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL and cloud technologies.

Next-Generation NoSQL Data Stores – HyperDex

Distributed key-value stores are now a standard component of high-performance web services and cloud computing applications. While key-value stores offer significant performance and scalability advantages, the first wave of NoSQL stores typically compromise on consistency, fault-tolerance, performance, or functionality, and sometimes on all four.

This talk will present HyperDex, a novel, open-source, distributed key-value store developed by my group that provides (1) strong consistency guarantees, (2) fault-tolerance for failures and partitions affecting up to f nodes, and (3) a rich API which includes ACID transactions and a unique search primitive that enables queries on secondary attributes. HyperDex achieves these properties through the combination of three recent technical advances called hyperspace hashing, value-dependent chaining and linear transactions. Despite offering stronger guarantees than first-gen NoSQL data stores, HyperDex is also a factor of 2-13 faster than Cassandra and MongoDB.

This talk will outline these techniques, identify new research directions, and discuss how these breakthroughs relate to the oft-quoted, but mostly misunderstood, CAP credo.

Emin Gun Sirer is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Cornell University. His current research focuses on infrastructure services for large-scale distributed systems, such as key-value stores, graph databases, and consensus protocols. He is also interested in self-organizing systems and cryptocurrencies.

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