The 3rd edition of Big Data Spain in Nov 2014 was a resounding success.
Watch the video below and find out why our attendees, speakers, partners and friends turned Big Data Spain into one of the largest events in Europe about Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL and cloud technologies.

17:45 ~ 18:30, November 17th
Sala 4

Luis Reina

Data Specialist IBM
  • Workshop

BigInsights and streams: IBM Hadoop solution

In this workshop Luis Reina will show 2 Tools that comes with IBM BigInsights:

1) BigSheets is a way to generate Hadoop Applicaitons (map/reduce) without programming so the final user can analyze big data without the need of knowing Java or other Hadoop languages as PIG. Bigsheets is a browser-based tool that is included in the InfoSphere? BigInsights? Console, to analyze and visualize big data. BigSheets uses a spreadsheet-like interface that can model, filter, combine, and chart data collected from multiple sources, such as an application that collects social media data by crawling the Internet.

2) BigSQL provides broad SQL support that is typical of commercial databases. You can issue queries using JDBC or ODBC drivers to access data that is stored in Hadoop, in the same way that you access databases from your enterprise applications. You can use the Big SQL server to execute standard SQL queries. Multiple queries can be executed concurrently.

Big SQL provides support for large ad hoc queries by using MapReduce parallelism and point queries, which are low-latency queries that return information quickly to reduce response time and provide improved access to data.
The IBM Hadoop edition enriches the standard Hadoop platform with high value features, such as BigSQL, Big Sheets, Text Analytics and others.

Keywords: Hadoop, Big SQL, security

Two takeways points of the session:
  • 1. BigInsights is made on standard Apache Hadoop platform
  • 2. BigInsights brings high value features on the standard platform

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