November 7th and 8th 2013

Kinépolis Madrid, Spain



We lining up some of the most relevant industry leaders in Big Data for keynote sessions. The time limit to submit proposals is over so we will soon reveal the definitive list of speakers.

09:30 ~ 10:15
Sala 5

Sean Owen

Director of Data Science at Cloudera
  • Business & Technical

Data Science: From Lab to Factory

"Big Data" is about more than just storing more bytes for less money. It's about enabling new data-driven services that were not feasible before, and machine learning is key to many of them. However, it's still hard work to go from data and storage to the real-time learning systems needed to build these dream systems. We have the know-how "in the lab", but there's still a gap between this and productionized systems: the "factory".

Takeaway points:
- Find out about the gap between the lab and production and what the data science industry needs to do to close it, including dos and don'ts for 2014.