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Nov 16th

ETSI Telecomunicación (UPM) Madrid, Spain

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We lining up some of the most relevant industry leaders in Big Data for keynote sessions. The time limit to submit proposals is over so we will soon reveal the definitive list of speakers.

12:15 ~ 13:00
Salón de actos (Building C)

Nati Shalom

CTO and Founder of GigaSpaces
  • english
  • simultaneous translation available

Putting Hadoop on any Cloud

The massive computing and storage resources that are needed to support big data applications make cloud environments an ideal fit. Now more than ever, there is a growing number of choices of cloud infrastructure providers, from Amazon AWS, OpenStack offered by the likes of HP, Rackspace and soon even Dell, VMware vCloud as well as private cloud offerings based on OpenStack, CloudStack, vCloud, and more. There is also a new class of bare-metal clouds from SoftLayer and PistonCloud that provide high performance resources designed for I/O and CPU intensive applications that don’t run as well on a virtualized resources. The recent announcements by Google & Microsoft about their new infrastructure as a service offerings, add additional significant players to this growing marketplace.

Given the diverse options, and the dynamic environments involved, it becomes ever more important to maintain the flexibility to choose the right cloud for the job.

In this session, you'll learn how to deploy and manage your Hadoop cluster on any Cloud, as well as manage the rest of your big data application stack using a new open source framework called Cloudify.

  • - Effectively managing your Hadoop stack in any data center (on-premise, cloud, hybrid…)
  • - Maintaining the flexibility to choose the right cloud for the job in an ever-changing environment
  • - Consistently manage your hadoop deployment with other elements of your Big Data system such as NoSQL DB, Web Tier etc.